The This is America! project of a lifetime, already more than 20 years at work across the land, is enriching our nation’s priceless visual record – considered the world’s most historic – at the esteemed Library of Congress, the largest body of knowledge and creativity on earth. At the place beloved as “America’s Memory,” images from this sweeping, apolitical, unprecedented study are readily accessible online to anyone, anywhere, without charge and with no copyright or royalty restrictions.

Not just now but, as our national library’s extraordinary preservationists put it, “without end date.”

To produce this indelible time stamp of America, acclaimed visual documentarian Carol M. Highsmith and her team hit the road eight to nine months a year. This ambitious undertaking relies upon the financial support of generous donors. Many make modest gifts. Some have funded entire state explorations!

We are about halfway done, and we need your help to continue these relentless visual expeditions into real America’s neighborhoods and farmlands, canyons and courthouse squares, homes and workplaces over the next eight years.

Your monthly contributions of $10or more, one-time gifts of $50 or more, or support via Amazon Smile - sign in to you Amazon account at and donate to This is America. (0.5% of purchase amounts matched by Amazon and directed to the This is America! effort) will keep Highsmith and her team on the road, creating this remarkable, downloadable record for teachers, students, historians, journalists – and you and us and the entire world – to use and enjoy.

And if you’re interested in sponsoring an entire state study, we’ll make it happen!

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