Hello Friends

Please give us your feedback and ideas.

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By now you know that the This is America! Foundation is telling the story of our nation – every part of it in our times – by producing thousands of free images. They’re available to everyone, anywhere in the world, on the Web site of our magnificent Library of Congress, which is also preserving them for all to use and enjoy for generations to come.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas. In fact, we need them.

Everybody can spot grand locations and attractions not to be missed across the country. But you know your region and state and community better than we do.

So tell us:

What’s special in your part of our land? What’s photogenic, historically significant, or just plain interesting that we might overlook? What neighborhoods or vistas or country crossroads are distinctive and why? What’s fast disappearing from our lives and our land that we should record before it’s gone? (In other words, we’re not just looking for “beauty shots.”)

Are there unforgettable people – or colorful groups who represent a memorable part of our nation’s ethnic and cultural mosaic – worth visually recording and interviewing?

Please be specific, and tell us how to find and reach these places and people.

Even broader, are there themes or trends we might not have thought of that we should capture?

And while we have you, there’s another way you can help:

As you’ve read in the “You Can Help!” section, our work on behalf of the American people can go forward only with generous support from benefactors in states and communities across our country.

Perhaps you’re thinking of becoming one of these supporters. But we would also welcome your suggestions of other individuals, groups and foundations that might help make possible the expeditions that produce this historic, enduring record of our times.

Email us about any of this. We’re truly interested in what you have to say. On this site, we’ll keep you updated about how things are going and what we’re up to.

Many thanks!

President Ted Landphair and Documentarian Carol M. Highsmith