"Ukuladies" entice Carol Highsmith into the San Francisco art scene

I was out tooling neighborhoods in San Francisco yesterday, and I thought I heard ukulele music coming from a colorful alley in the Mission District. Sure enough, it was the Ukuladies band practicing their latest tune. I ran over to them and asked them to pose for me in front of one of the 600 murals that have been painted all across San Francisco.

I love murals and seek them out everywhere I go. I continued to photograph as many San Francisco murals as I could, venturing on down Balmy Alley, which is renowned for some of the best murals in town . I even cropped in close to one of the pieces so that you could see the fantastic detail:

I even caught this artist in action. Tina Wolfe was just putting the finishing touches on her masterpiece.

As I continued to ride down through the neighborhoods, I caught this art statement -- featured on a house:

Since the brilliant noontime sun was beginning to cause issues with harsh shadows in my images, I decided to go inside for an hour. They actually let me inside Mission Dolores (the oldest building in San Francisco) and permitted me to set up a tripod and capture this detail - I spent over an hour in there photographing many details:

Another day in Creative Paradise here in the City by the Bay!

Join me daily as I travel all across America photographing our nation, so that my images can be donated copyright-free to the Library of Congress for anyone to use now and for future generations to see what America looks like during the early 21st Century.

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