Happy 75th, Golden Gate Bridge!!!!

I'm Carol Highsmith, and I'm in San Francisco. Sunday I attended the Golden Gate Bridge's sensational birthday party, and I had my cake and ate it too!

I had just arrived in San Francisco to photograph that city, including the bridge and the big bash, as part of my efforts on behalf of the This is America! Foundation to capture our nation in these times and donate my images, copyright-free, to the Library of Congress.

The Golden Gate Bridge was my first priority. First thing on the agenda was to run over to the Birthday Bridge and show it off. I'm sure billions of visitors have visited this perch and photographed the Golden Gate in all its glory. It's one of the most-photographed sites in the world!

It did not look 75 years old. The view was breathtaking, captivating, exciting and memorable, rolled into one. It was a birthday party worth attending. There was a flower display spelling out its age in beautiful yellow flowers:

There was lovely landscape art showing off the year that construction began, right next to the Golden Gate Bridge view.

And there were thousands and thousands of well wishers milling around, waiting for the party to start. I wanted to see how the rest of the city was celebrating, so I went off to the San Francisco Carnaval Parade!

It was a blast. This dancing queen was all dolled up in her "San Francisco" celebration outfit.

And on the grounds of Crissy Field, Diarmuid Harrington made the Golden Gate Bridge into an art piece he could actually carry. He was even faithful to the bridge's famous "international orange" color.

Now all my life, I can say I attended the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Birthday Party. I ran over to the store and bought a cap and t-shirt so that I can boast about it to my friends. I was there!

It was a spectacle all day, with a fireworks display to cap it off!!!!

I'll be back in 25 years and celebrate the BIG 100!!!!!


A quick p.s.: My husband, Ted Landphair, who blogs for the Voice of America in Washington and it our Foundation's secretary, previewed the big celebration with a story of his own about the bridge and its amazing engineering and colorful history. It includes more of my photos of the bridge from earlier trips to the City by the Bay, and some others of interest. Check it out at:


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